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ИП Смирнов А.Н / Waste Logics Software

Waste Logics software is an online waste management software solution that makes it easier to meet the day-to-day operational needs of waste management businesses. Trusted by skip hire and trade waste companies, waste transfer stations, material recycling facilities and scrap metal processors.

Waste Logics Software was founded in 2006 in Manchester. For 12 years we have assembled a customer base of 100 companies in Great Britain and Ireland.  Now we are looking to enter into the global market.

Now we are at the start of very interesting changes - the transfer of the project to a new technological level.

The head office is situated in the UK, the development team is located in Minsk and the regions. The team is flexible, inclusive, friendly and motivated. We encourage initiative and the desire to prove ourselves. We appreciate and support any initiative of employees who can benefit the product.

We will be happy if you become a part of our team! Your ideas and successes will not go unnoticed!

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